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Adding a single IAR or RoPA record

From the ‘Your register’ page, use the 'ADD RECORD" button to add a new record to either your IAR or your RoPA (or both). 

You will first be asked to select the record type applicable. Start typing the record type description to find a list of matching record types from which you can select one.  For example if you type ‘Homeless’ all record types with ‘Homeless’ in their label will be shown and you can choose one.

Then click “CREATE AND EDIT” and you will be taken to the RoPA record page where you can fill in details for the new record.
If you are using the tool for both IAR and RoPA you first need to select a radio button to choose whether the record you are adding should be in your IAR, your RoPA or both.  Note that any records containing personal data should always be in your RoPA.

On the left hand side of the page are the ‘General record details’ which apply to both IAR and RoPA.

When editing the “Business function” and “Retention requirements” fields you will see the reset symbol  appear. Click on this once to go back to the default for the record type. Click on it again if you want to revert to the value you had typed. The control will appear when you leave one of these fields having changed from the default to your own value.

IAR record details are in a panel at the top of the right hand side of the page and RoPA record details are lower down on the right hand side of the page.

Note that there are other entries which apply to RoPA only alongside the main RoPA details panel below the ‘General record details’.

If you are only using the tool for either IAR or RoPA the other panel will be hidden.
At the bottom of the page are save and cancel buttons . Click on these buttons to return to the ’My register’  list page after saving or abandoning your edits.