The RoPA is a document that organisations are required to maintain under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force in May 2018.

LG Inform Plus’s existing Records Retention tool describes each type of record that an English council is likely to hold to meet legal and business records management requirements. You can download a spreadsheet of pre-populated information for each record type and use this to help build the Records Retention Schedule that your council is required to hold. 

For GDPR record types have been broken down in greater detail and more standard information has been pre-populated. This information forms a template RoPA which you need to supplement with your local information to form your council’s full RoPA.

LG Inform Plus lets you:

  • download the template RoPA

  • upload and download a spreadsheet of your RoPA

  • maintain your RoPA online

The RoPA tool is built by and for a community of local authorities working with the Local Government Association (LGA). Legal and records retention guidance is provided by Kent County Council and delivered via the Records retention and RoPA tools. We expect tools and data to be refined as experience builds up across the community of local authorities.

Your records managers and legal team should use the data provided as a guide but you MUST get your own council’s experts to review and approve your retention schedule and RoPA.

What next?

Read our help text on viewing and downloading RoPA 

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