The API allows anyone to view and download open data about local areas, such as demographic details and performance data. It's been built to support both amateur and professional developers, and can help you deliver information services that matters. It's used to power LG Inform and LG Inform Plus, but it can be used for all sorts of other applications, including:

  • enriching apps with data about local places and people;
  • creating community dashboards for local councils or other community groups;
  • target segmented customer based on government-sourced data;
  • powering GIS tools with neighbourhoods and meaningful geographies; and
  • much more!
A wide variety of groups have used it, from a group of individuals looking at lifestyle-based living in London to the Local Government Association, where it's used to power their nationwide local govenment performance information service, LG Inform.

Want to start using it?
Take a look at the API section for more help.