Downloading your IAR and/or RoPA

From the ‘Your register’ page  choose one of the download options - IAR, RoPA or Combined - to see the types of download you can do.  

Choose from one of the following:

Authority name IAR/RoPA/Combined register - a download of all the records in your RoPA or IAR or both together

IAR/RoPA/Combined register detail template - a blank template with all the record types which match any filters you have selected.  The template will have columns for all fields that apply depending on which IAR/RoPA/Combined template you have chosen

IAR/RoPA/Combined register structure template - a blank template with just the general columns which allow you to assign record types to the correct business function for your authority.  Columns specific to IAR and/or RoPA are not included.

Template populated with authority name IAR/RoPA/Combined register - a detailed template which will include any record types which match the filters you have selected.  Where those record types have already been completed for your IAR and/or RoPA the full details are included in the download and can be updated.

Note that when you do a download including existing data then the ID column will be filled in.  It is important that you do not change this ID as it identifies the record to be updated when you upload the file later.

You can choose to download your file as an MS Excel file or as a text file (csv) which can be read by any spreadsheet application.