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Reasons why API access may be denied

A call to the LG Inform Plus API may fail with an " HTTP 401 Unauthorized" message. 

If the message text is "User has exceeded allowed usage limits" you have exceeded the data allowance for your organisation for the day or month. The Subscription page gives the data allowance for each month for a subscribed organisation and the one-off allowance for trials before subscription. We also apply a daily allowances which represents the maximum amount of your monthly allowance that we'd normally expect you to expend in one day.

Look at the API keys page to see how much of your allowance you have used. Contact Support if you think you need more.

If the message text is "Not Authorized", one of the following reasons will apply:

  • Invalid security parameters were provided

  • A signature was not provided with your API call

  • An application key was not provided

  • The application Key was not recognised

  • The signature does not match that expected for Application Secret method

  • The signature does not match for Application Secret method

  • The web service is not accessible with Public Key security

  • The web service is not accessible with OAuth security

  • An attempt was made to carry out secret key login with non-secret key security credentials

  • A duplicate signature was detected

  • A duplicate application key detected

Points to note:

  • OAuth credentials will expire when your signin-in expires so use another access mthod for web service calls that you want to use over time
  • Public Private Key (PPK) signatures only apply to the precise call (with parameters) that you make. You need a different PPK token for each web service call