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View data using the data tool

Our data tool can be used to build web methods, ready to insert into any applications you're building, but it can also be used to find data not available in the reports. Follow these instructions to use the data tool.

  1. Sign in to LG Inform Plus and enter your security keys. Note that you can ask the data tool to insert the keys for you and store them as cookies on your computer. Thereafter you don't need to sign in to use the Token or PPK access method.
  2. In the 'metric type(s)' field, search for a metric and click it to add. You can add multiple metric types.
  3. In the 'area(s)' field, search for an area to add. You can choose an individual area, e.g. Clapham Town, or numerous areas, e.g. counties of England. You can add multiple areas.
  4. Select a time period. 'Latest' is selected by default but click 'x' to delete it. You can add multiple time periods.
  5. Select the value types to display. Raw values are displayed by default. Use the checkboxes to select more value types.
  6. Use the 'add query' button to add another query, for example, to compare metrics with different time periods (calendar year against academic year).
  7. Use the 'add summary' button to add a summary value, e.g. total, median, mean, etc.
  8. Use the final box to alter how columns and rows are grouped. By default, areas that do not have values for the metric type will be excised from results but you can include those using the 'include missing' checkbox.

Once you're happy with the results, use the buttons in the top right corner to link to the table or download the data. More options exist in the 'table' and 'download' sub-menus.