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What's the difference between LG Inform and LG Inform Plus?

LG Inform Plus provides a suite of services that both underpin LG Inform and add extra features.

LG Inform provides open reports on metrics about councils and lets councils author their own reports.

LG Inform Plus serves metrics both to LG Inform reports and to its own reporting tool for use on many types of area - large and small. So you're not just limited to reports on local authority areas, but can report for Clinical Commissioning Groups, Parliamentary Constituencies, Parishes, Wards and many more areas. You can even define new areas via Natural Neighbourhoods.

LG inform Plus offers Powers & Duties, Records Retention and Records of Processing Activity (RoPA) modules to help councils with legal compliance.

Tools provide easy access to open data from a myriad of open public sources and help councils publish open data in consistent ways.

LG Inform Plus uses the esd-toolkit framework built from the early 2000s and its registration / sign-in framework.