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Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

If you're brand new to LG Inform Plus start here. We'll provide information about features and tools and answer some commonly asked questions.


Summary of LG Inform's range of services
A summary of LG inform Plus and how what it offers beyond the LG Inform's reporting service

Your account

Registering for an account is simple.
Don’t fear! You can reset your password and choose a new one.


Without doubt the most popular tool in LG Inform Plus is the report writer, a clever little tool to make data-rich report writing a doddle.
All you need to get going is a metric type to display and an idea about how best to show it.
It only takes a couple of clicks to create a report.
A metric is a measure of demography, characteristics and performance – data about councils, local areas and their inhabitants that can be used by individuals and is fed into LG Inform Plus’s tools. Simply put, it's a statistic.
With the new Search tool in LG Inform Plus, it's now easier than ever to discover data and reports for your local authority and all sorts of areas across England.
Like most search engines, you can use operators to limit the search results from our new Search tool. They'll help you find more relevant matches to your query by searching for specific dates, authors and titles, handy if you can't quite put your finger on where that report is.

Powers & duties

Understanding the legal duties authorities are required to perform is key to that reshaping, and certain powers may improve an authority’s service delivery.
Using the Powers & Duties guidance to discover your authority’s legal powers is really simple.
Using the Powers & Duties guidance to discover your authority’s legal duties is really simple.