Advanced search operators

Like most search engines, you can use operators to limit the search results from our new Search tool. They'll help you find more relevant matches to your query by searching for specific dates, authors and titles, handy if you can't quite put your finger on where that report is.

To search for a particular phrase containing spaces, surround the phrase with brackets. For example, to find reports authored by Ceri Johns you'll search using createdBy:(ceri johns)

Search by title title: e.g. title:health will find reports with 'health' in the title.

Search by author createdBy: e.g. createdBy:John will find reports created by persons named John.

Search by organisation organisation: e.g. organisation:lambeth will find reports created by persons in Lambeth. You'll only be able to see reports created by other authorities if they've shared them publicly or with all subscribers.

Search by creation date createdBefore: e.g. createdBefore:2016-03-31 will find reports created before 31 March 2016. createdOn: e.g. createdOn:2016-03-31 will find reports created on 31 March 2016. createdAfter: e.g. createdAfter:2016-03-31 will find reports created after 31 March 2016.

Search by modified date modifiedBefore: e.g. modifiedBefore:2016-03-31 will find reports which were last edited/modified before 31 March 2016. modifiedOn: e.g. modifiedOn:2016-03-31 will find reports which were last edited/modified on 31 March 2016. modifiedAfter: e.g. modifiedAfter:2016-03-31 will find reports which were last edited/modified after 31 March 2016.